CAS Bequests

Remembering us in your will

Cambridge Antiquarian Society is an independent charity with no statutory funding and, ever since it was founded in 1840, has relied on the loyalty and generosity of its members. Today we are expanding our programme of activities in order to reach ever wider circles of enthusiasts and scholars. Essential to this is digitisation of all publications of the last 163 years, making them accessible and searchable for free by a world-wide audience. Expansion of our publications to cover a wider range of local archaeology and history, support for smaller societies by publicity (eg in Conduit) and grants for fieldwork, a lively and popular lecture series, and publication of recent research and discoveries in our annual Proceedings all need maintenance and development for a changing world. We must also work as independent advocates for archaeological sites and historical records and for those who work to study and defend them.

If you can remember us in your will with support for a specific project or for Society work in general, please contact our Treasurer for suggested wording, or the President to discuss particular interests. We also strongly advise that you consult your own solicitor.