Meetings and Events

Meetings 2018/2019

ALL MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES are held in the Law Faculty building, 10 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DZ (on the Sidgwick site) unless stated.

Members of the Society are welcome to bring guests; junior members of the University are welcome at all meetings.

Annual subscriptions (£20.00 Ordinary members, Families and Affiliated Societies), payable to Cambridge Antiquarian Society, are due on 1 January 2019. Please send these to the Registrar who will be pleased to provide details of standing orders and Gift Aid.

Meetings list

Meetings and Events 2018/2019
*Monday 1 October
ROB WISEMAN - Rivers of Bronze: the eastern fens of East Anglia in the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age (Jointly with the Prehistoric Society)
Monday 5 November
WAYNE COCROFT - Legacies of the First World War: discovering the archaeological traces of the Home Front
Saturday 17 November
Autumn Conference - Recent Archaeology in the Cambridgeshire Region (see Conferences for more details)
Monday 3 December
GILL SUTHERLAND - 'Hold fast, hold firm, hold OUT': Millicent Garrett Fawcett and the campaign for women's suffrage
*Monday 7 January
JOHN ROBB, SARAH INSKIP et al. - The After the Plague Project: new insights on medieval lives through scientific analysis of bodies: what can the 'kitchen sink' approach deliver?
Monday 4 February
CRAIG CESSFORD - Buried with their belts on: people and architecture at the Cambridge Augustinian Friary
Saturday 2 March
SPRING CONFERENCE - Gown, Town, and Beyond
*Monday 4 March
MARTIN MILLETT - Aldborough (N Yorks): new perspectives on the Roman town of Isurium Brigantum and the Roman North
Monday 1 April
(5.45) Annual General Meeting
(6.00) MARGARITA GLEBA - Archaeological Textiles and what we can learn from them
Monday 13 May
MARIE LOUISE S. SORENSEN & CHRISTOPHER EVANS - A place of arrivals: archaeological investigations on the Cape Verde Islands
* Meetings of Council, plus 3 June 2019